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About Us

You found your way to the about us page!  That means either you have clicked the wrong link or you're interested in finding out more about us.  If your in the wrong place just hit the back button, that's right it's the one in the top left of your screen, if you're here to learn more thank you for taking the time and read on. 

Simply Who?

It's fair to say we're not a household name so you can be forgiven for having never heard of us.  We are a pretty new player in the industry, but don't let that put you off we have over 50 years combined experience in the surfacing industry, let's just say we know our spazzles from our tack coats. 

Our business was born from an understanding that there's a missing link between manufacturers, the many different suppliers and end users.  Why would you and your team want to waste time calling one supplier for "this" and another supplier for "that" when you can get everything you need in one place?  Why phone one supplier, email another and fill in forms with others just to get your everyday essentials when this site is all you need.  No more multiple delivery charges from different suppliers, no more minimum orders for stuff you don't need, just one simple website.

We deal with an ever growing list of leading manufacturers and suppliers, this means we can offer the product you actually need and not the ones that will help us hit sales targets.

Do you charge a premium?

Nope...  Just because we offer a premium service we don't believe in charging premium prices.  We work hard to negotiate the best prices with manufacturers to make sure you don't need to.

What if I need advice or technical support?

Just check our contact us page for all the different ways you can get in touch.  Want to facebook message, tweet, WhatsApp message  or just make a good old fashioned phone call?  No problem, we will talk to you and answer your questions whichever way you prefer.  Our team have full product knowledge so can answer any questions you may have... 

Do I need an account?

No.  Anyone can use our website and we accept bank transfer and all payment cards